About BA

Founded as a private label manufacturing company in 2000.  Black Antler grew from our love of hunting and our pursuit of everything outdoors.  We are industry apparel professionals who saw the need for a cool premium line of outdoor lifestyle clothing, made using the finest materials and the most authentic designs around.  We wanted to build garments that we would be proud of wearing.  Garments that portray your passion to go the extra mile, over the next ridge in pursuit of your trophy animal.  Apparel that sets you apart from the average Joe, right down to our BA Deception camo.  A camo that was built to look good but it also performs when you need it to.

So, when you are wearing Black Antler, you are declaring a bond to withhold the standards of the hunting elite.  It’s a symbol that’s short hand for serious hunters.  And like you, TOO TOUGH TO QUIT.